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St Patricks Day Competition Ideas

Competitions are a great way to build engagement and an online presence with a side order of fun!

What better way to create a fun vibe, than to introduce a St Patricks Day Competition for your clients, fans and followers.

The prize could be a voucher or treatment for a service at your salon or even a gift basket of goodies.

Here are my top 10 ideas for St Patrick Day competition ideas:

1. Post an image on your social media page and ask your fans & followers to tag their friends into the comments. Ask that both the commenter and tagged person are friends/fans of your social media account and announce when the competition winner will be announced. You can add entrants names into excel - giving each entrant a number and then use a number generator online to pick out a winner! Great to offer a friends package in salon, such as pedicures, back massages or blow dries.

2. Ask for uploads or @tags of makeup looks on the day! The follower/fan can post on their own social media account and either @ you into the comments or use a unique hashtag you created. This is a great way to have your business name posted on other people social media accounts as their followers and friends will follow your business too! You could choose the winner with the most shares or likes.

3. Costume competition. Everyone loves a good dress up and even better still if they can win a prize for whackiest costume, best couple costume or best costume disasters! Get fans and followers to hashtag and @tag you from their own social account. Again work on the most shares and likes for choosing a winner as this can create engagement from the entrants own social media following. Don't forget to repost the entrants on your own pages and create engaging content for the rest of your followers.

4. Story telling time is a great part of Irish culture and can be an engaging and fun competition idea. How about asking your followers to write short stories in the comments section about things to do with St Patricks Day/or Irish Folklore. The winner can be the one with the most likes or you can choose a winner at random.

Here are some ideas to ask for stories about:

  • How did the first four-leaf clover come to be?

  • Why do leprechauns wear green?

  • What’s the best way to catch a leprechaun?

5. Hold a luck of the draw promotion. Commenters on a post get issued a lucky number. The draw can be held on a live feed and the winner notified - creating further engagement with your audience. You could go one step further and use clover leaf shaped raffle tickets.

6. Nothing works better than an overload of cuteness. You could run a dress up your pet competition and again the more likes/shares will reveal the winner of your competition.

7. The most basic of basic competitions always work the best. Share an image on Social Media and ask your fans and followers to share the post on their own pages. The person with the most likes from the repost will win! Use engaging images that maybe show your staff, business or treatments with a St Patricks Day twist and don't forget your logo and business name on the image!

8. Collaborate with another local business and do a joint giveaway. How about winning a make-over and meal or free drinks at the local Irish Bar. Team up with your local fancy dress supplier or local events for tickets for their St Patrick Day celebrations. Collaborations work much better as you engage several brands followers and reach a larger target audience. The competition could be liking all of the prize givers pages or accounts and @tagging 3 of their friends to join in the fun!

9. Share your luck! Get your followers to comment on a post about what was their luckiest moments in life! The winner will be the one with the most likes!

10. Kiss me i'm Irish competition! You can have a bit of fun with this one. Get fans/followers to change their profile pictures to them blowing a kiss! Make sure they tag you to it in their comments. The picture must be on their social media AND as their profile picture. The winner will be either the most liked or chosen at random via a number generator.


Don't forget to take these top social media tips into account to get more engagement!

  • Advertise your competition in your shop window - and turn your window and displays green!

  • Use green logos/pictures or clovers on your social media banners and profile images.

  • The week before use fun trivial facts about St Patricks Day on social media to create engagement.

  • Create nails or make up with a St Patricks Day Twist and post online.

  • Get staff dressed up for the day and post your images on social media.

  • Use as many St Patricks Day hashtags in your posts throughout the week to increase your presence and hopefully gain more followers.

  • Just for fun, use green wax for St Patricks Week or Offer a St Patricks Day facial using a green mask.

Hope you have fun with your St Patricks Day celebrations!


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