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MA Training Academy

I decided during lockdown to reignite my teaching career after opening my beauty salon in September 2020 and being hit by 2 lockdowns. Once completing my AET as a refresher to my PGCE completed in 2009 I was directed to Kate and Salon Expert to help me on my way. They simply couldn't have been any more help if they tried. Information was thorough and I knew exactly what to expect. Their information was honest and customer-focused. Once I had decided on what I wanted and paid payment manuals were sent. Adapting them was super easy and it really helped to cut out the middle man (the hard work) of setting up a training academy. I can't recommend them enough because the transition was seamless and I was able to set up my training academy quicker because of Salon Expert. It ensured my students are receiving correct information and going into the beauty world with all the knowledge they need. 

Michaela Argyle 

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Pink Modern Elegant 18th Birthday WhatsA

Aiyana Beauty Training Academy

I First found Salon Expert back in March 2019 – and you will not believe the relief I felt – you see I was drawing near the end of a 3-year degree, so I was putting together a 10,000-word dissertation while writing manuals for my new soon to open salon and training academy – I was rather stressed (to say the least!)

If I am honest, I really did not know what to expect before I received them – I knew I wanted my courses and manuals to include everything possible for the subject while keeping to the national standards – we have all been on courses where we have looked at the ‘manual’ and thought that’s rubbish it’s all copy and pasted or substandard – well I could not have been happier. These manuals are written to the highest standards, they include all the relevant and up-to-date information AND are editable so if I have more graphics or information, I want to put in or want to add in any updated guidelines I have.


Since my first purchase of 3 manuals, I have gone on to buy several more because I know they are going to provide everything I would want in a manual for my students. What is even better is that Salon Expert have now introduced PowerPoint visual teaching aids which are a massive help to those students who learn best through the form of visual aids. I have had many compliments on how thorough the training is with Aiyana Beauty Training Academy from the manual to the practical and students have gone on to produce amazing work. What is also a compliment to both the information in the manuals and training day is that I never see questions from my past students in forums asking questions that should have been standard in training.


To anyone wondering if these manuals are professional, written to the national standards and are full of relevant information – my answer is YES!! Do not give it a second thought! These manuals will save you time money and sleepless nights writing them, and I can assure you Kate – Ms Salon Expert herself – knows her stuff – even after 28 years in the beauty industry there sometimes comes a client, where I am at a loss and I’m wanting a second opinion or extra advice and it’s Kate where I turn.

Aiyana Beauty Training Academy

273 High Street East


Tyne and Wear




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