Frequently asked questions


Q. Are the manuals already accredited?


A. No, you will need to submit the manuals under your own company name to your chosen accreditation company. This allows you to issue certificates in your own company name. 


Q. What accreditation companies will accept the manuals?


A. To date we have had no issues in regards to manuals passing accreditation with a number of providers. The manuals are all written to meet a certain level of criteria that all companies will expect. 


Q. Can I give copies to my students?


A. Yes! That’s exactly what they are for. Once you purchase an editable manual, it is yours to issue to students that attend your training courses.


All we ask is that you do not re-sell them to other academies or allow other 3rd party companies to use our teaching material without our express written permission.


Q. Is there any ongoing fees, hidden charges or catches?


A. No! Once you purchase the manual it is yours to use as you need, to deliver your training courses. 


There is no charge per student, per year or per download like some other providers. 


Q. How do I receive the documents?


A. Documents are all instant downloads from the website. Upon completion of checkout you will be taken to a page where you can download the items directly to your own computer. A thank you email is also sent which has the links to your files attached.


Documents are formatted in Microsoft word or Microsoft PowerPoint so that they can be edited by yourself.


Some orders are downloaded as a ‘zip’ file. This is basically a compressed folder which contains several documents. It’s compressed to allow for quicker and easier uploading and downloading. You do not need any special apps to open the file. To access the files within, either double click the zip file and it will open the contents, or right click on the file and uncompress or open the file from there.


Q. How much editing will they need for me to use them?


A. It is worth reading through the manuals upon purchase and checking that it suits your method of teaching. This may mean altering and changing treatment protocols or timings or maybe adding in sections about a certain product, ingredient or machine manufacturer of you desire. However the manuals are written in there entirety and can be used as they are once you add your own company logo to the manual and fill in the footer with your company name and copyright.


Q. I am after a manual, but can’t see it on your website. Do you have it? 


A. I sadly don’t have a secret stash of manuals that are not already online. If you are after a certain manual than I am able to write up a bespoke manual just for your company. The price varies and is dependent on content and how much research I will need to do in order to write it. Please contact me at for more information.


Q. Will you be releasing more manuals?


A. Yes, it is my intention to release many more manuals, powerpoints and teaching aids. Please join our mailing list to be the first to hear about new releases and special offers. 


My training was really bad, and so was my manual. I feel I lack the knowledge to perform the treatment. Can I purchase your manuals to help expand my knowledge?


I have experienced many bad training courses and even worse training material. I get equally frustrated when a lack of theory is delivered on a course. The manuals are quite in depth compared to many other academies (and why so many academies now purchase direct from me). I always try to include as much knowledge from various sources as I can, whilst keeping it simple enough to cover in a theory session of a couple of hours. 


Whilst my manuals could boost your understanding and knowledge somewhat more, there really not a substitute for good training and good books. Sometimes it is better to invest in further training or an advanced book on the subject in question and take your learning to the next level!


Q. Can I buy your manuals to resell or license them to other academies? 


A. Our terms of licence clearly state that our manuals are not to be resold or licensed to other training academies than the one you own. All documents are digitally imprinted and can be traced back to the original purchaser. Anyone found to be breaching our terms and reselling our Manuals will face legal action.


The manuals listed are many hours, years and possibly tears from hard work. I am selling them at reasonable and affordable prices so that training academies can get started earning money quickly and easily and save many hours of graft, typing up manuals. It is unfair that a couple of companies feel it acceptable to resell these at 3-5 times my own prices and keeping 100% of the profit from my hard work. 


I was the first company to put manuals on general sale, and since November 2018, many have tried to copy what I am doing. Whilst I don’t mind competition, please don’t do this by selling my manuals on.