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Editable Aesthetics Training Manuals

Salon Expert has a wide range of editable pre-written and off-the-shelf training resources for training academies. Whether you are just setting out or you are an existing education centre, writing manuals to launch new courses is often time-consuming and mentally draining. Our student manuals are pre-written to meet the requirements of beauty and aesthetic accreditation providers and insurance companies. They contain everything an accredited will require, as well as teaching any student from beginner through to experienced professional. 

All manuals are Microsoft Word documents and can be downloaded instantly to your own computer, ready to edit, personalise and print! If you do not have Microsoft Word, the manuals are easy to edit in Google Docs and can be converted to a PDF manual for printing or sending to students as pre-read material. 

We try to be as inclusive as possible with content, we steer away from brand training, and try to ensure manuals are adaptable for all brands or training techniques. As training techniques and brand training may vary from academy to academy and trainer to trainer, you may need to make some changes to include your own specifications, should they vary from the ones included in the manual. 

As the manuals are fully editable, you can add your own logo, remove or add your own content, add your own before and after images or step by step photos and make the manual truly unique for your own business. 


Our aesthetic training manuals include, beginners and advanced botulinum toxin (botox), foundation and advanced dermal filler, advanced lip filler techniques training manual that includes Russian doll procedures and other injectable manuals such as IV drip infusion, mesotherapy, fat dissolve, micro-tox, Brazilian liquid bum lift, phlebotomy and PRP, complications training manual, Vitamins C, D, Biotin and B12 manuals and many more. 

Check out some sample manuals on our YouTube channel - Salon Expert

Looking for 5 or more manuals? We offer discounts for bulk purchases. Check out our 'Packages' and 'Build your own Academy' Pages.