If you are not quite ready to purchasd our full Training School Paperwork Compliance Pack then you can start here with our Policies and Procedures Pack. This full pack covers all required Policies and Procedures for your training academy as well as those required for your accreditation submission. 

The pack is self explanatory and all you need to do is add in your company details, print off and pop in a file for future reference! 

Policies and Procedures covered include:

Acceptable Use Policy

Privacy Policy

Complaints Procedure

Appeals Procedure

Equality & Diversity Policy

Clear Desk Policy

GDPR & Data Protection Policy

Health & Safety Policy

Quality Assurance Policy

RPL Policy

Declaration of Authentication

Bullying and Harassment Policy

Learner Induction Policy

Violence and Threatening Behaviour Policy

Safeguarding Policy

Terms & Conditions

Terrorism Policy

Centre Management Policy

Cookies Policy

Course Review Process

Malpractice Policy

Reasonable Adjustments Policy

Accident Procedure

Accident Report Form

Blood Borne & Body Fluid Exposure Policy & Procedures

Sharps Policy & Procedures

Staff Immunisation Policy

COSHH Policy/Risk Assessment

Fire Safety Policy

Absence Management Policy

Adoption Policy

Capability Procedure

College & Employee Training Attendance Policy

Controlling Absence Policy

Disciplinary Policy & Procedure

Drug & Alcohol Policy

Grievance Policy

Staff Induction Policy

IT & Social Media Policy

Maternity Policy

Parental Leave Policy

Paternity Policy

Robbery & Hold up Policy


File is an instant download and you will receive the link to your file on the 'Thank you' page after checkout. 

Training School Polices & Procedures Pack