Running a salon with staff has its challenges. Are you fed up with constantly seeing staff sat down on their phones between clients? Do staff ask you a mountain of questions each and every day? Do you have total consistency with tasks and treatments? 

Having owned a salon for many years, I faced all these challenges and led to me creating a front of house file that eventually became my salon bible. New staff could use it as a training guide and older staff could refer back to it when they had pressing questions. 


The salon bible is a file for your front desk that contains the following:


  • Salon essential information, a space to list your reps & suppliers and even who services your coffee machines, as well as other essential information staff may need to access during the day. 
  • All your salon opening hours, social media links and staff details.
  • Staff roles and responsibilities with samples for you to edit or use as your own.
  • Salon values, philosophy and customer service expectations, all set out in step by step guides for staff to refer too. Fully editable or use the samples included from my own salon.
  • The client journey, make sure every single client receives the same level of service throughout your business.
  • Salon standards and housekeeping, what is expected and how to maintain the salon. 
  • Downtime projects that staff should be doing between appointments and during quieter times,
  • End of day and opening day check lists.
  • Reception duties and how to book in clients, upsell, check clients out and handle payments and vouchers etc.
  • How to handle complaints.
  • Client consultation process, sample consultation forms and after care forms and how to handle and store documents.
  • Full list of all contra-indications for every service you offer with a sample list of 15 main treatments to start you off.
  • Brief policy overview that outlines bullying in the workplace, fire evacuation, time off work, lunches and uniforms etc. Use our examples included or edit and add in your own.All policies and procedures for staff and the business for staff to refer too. Includes sample policies and procedures from my own salon for you to use or edit.



The Salon Bible Pack

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