Fully editable training manual for teaching Micro-Sclerotherapy to your students. If you are trained in this procedure and want to teach this course in your academy this manual is an ideal teaching aide to allow you to deliver theory to your students. 

Manuals are sent in word format and can be fully edited to add in your business name, logo or add or remove images or information as you may wish. 

This manual includes the following information: 

  • What is micro-sclerotherapy?
  • History of micro-sclerotherapy
  • How micro-sclerotherapy works 
  • Costs and profits 
  • Occlusion and compression 
  • Pathology of Veins 
  • Causes of spider veins and thread veins and how they can be prevented. 
  • Contra-indications 
  • Side effects and contra-actions 
  • Complications 
  • Product knowledge 
  • Equipment needed to perform the procedure 
  • Consultation form 
  • Treatment protocol 
  • Aftercare

Micro-Sclerotherapy Editable Training Manual