If you are delivering courses on injectables or treatments that may break the skin, students should have attended a complications course in order for them to identify and deal with any issues from these procedures. Our fully editable training manual can be used in its entirity or edited to suit your own teaching methods. . 

The manual will include:


  • Prevention of sharps injuries 
  • Consultation process and recording treatment outcomes 
  • Managing client expectations 
  • First aid & emergency kit
  • How to deal with and manage:
    • Anaphylaxis 
    • Infections 
    • Vacular Occlusions 
    • Ecchymosis
    • Tyndall effect 
    • Ptosis 
    • Necrosis 
    • Oedema 
    • Prophylaxis and herpetic infection 
    • Delayed onset of nodules
  • How to use hyaluronidaise 

Managing Complications Editable Training Manual