Does the thought of writing training manuals break you out in a sweat? Do you dread sitting in front of a computer for days on end writing out course material? These pre-written manuals are suitable to teach from or they can be edited to suit your own training approach. Fully compatibale to meet accreditation standards of the insurance companies. 


The manuals can be downloaded in word format and are easy to edit. 


This manual includes:


  • Health and safety
  • Code of practice for hygiene in Beauty Salons 
  • Sterilisation and disinfection
  • Ergonomics
  • What is cupping therapy 
  • History of cupping
  • Benefits of cupping
  • Muscles of the body 
  • The muscular system
  • Growth and repair of the muscles 
  • The muscles of the face
  • Muscles of the body
  • Types of bone
  • Skin anatomy 
  • The circulatory system 
  • The respiratory system 
  • The lymphatic system 
  • Equipment needed for cupping 
  • Contraindications to cupping 
  • The spine and how issues within can affect the body 
  • Effects of spinal misalignments
  • Client consultation 
  • Consultation form 
  • Health and safety guidelines for cupping 
  • Reference points for placements and healing 
  • How to attach and use the cups
  • Contra-actions


Bespoke manuals can be written for you upon request. Bulk discounts available on pre-written training manuals. 


Glass Cupping Editable Training Manual

  • The purchase of this file allows the purchaser to use the content for their sole business purposes only. The contents must not be re-sold, distributed or shared for the purpose of other businesses use. Files are digitally imprinted and can be tracked back to the original source.